So, So Hard

Still no news about my beautiful lost dog but I have to find a way to put myself back together and do some work.


Unless you have a dog yourself I doubt you can understand the connection that a person makes with what in my case at least, is my best friend.

Anyway.  Tomorrow I start my diary and also sharing some of my work with you.

As a matter of interest if you have lost a pet companion then I would really like to hook up with you.

Until later.

Diary Days


How original is that?

I promise that this blog will become something of interest but at the moment I am seriously stressed.

My much loved dog is lost, quite possibly stolen and my heart is broken.

She is of no use to anyone but me and could never be loved or needed more than she is in my life.

If you happen to be in #Turkey – in the #ÇesmeIldiri or #Guzelbahçe area then please keep a look out for me.

Many thanks.